Destiny Strange Coins Locations Guide for Leveling up

Our Destiny Guide will help you in locating all the different Strange Coins by completing different objectives, weekly challenges, strike missions and Weekly Heroic Strike Missions. You can also find them in Engrams and Loot Chests. See below for details in how to find Destiny Strange Coins locations for leveling up your guardian beyond level 22.

What are Strange Coins in Destiny?

This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand. Strange Coins are a form of currency obtained by completing Public Events. Strange Coins also have a very rare chance to be obtained when Decrypting a Blue Engram.

Player will also receive a strange coin once player complete the “Scourge Of Winter” mission on the map Venus, player will receive keys you turn into the cryptic at the Tower in exchange for a strange coin. They are used to purchase powerful loot from Xûr, Agent of the Nine.

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Destiny Strange Coins Locations Guide

Heroic Strike Mission Strange Coin Location: 3 to 9 Strange Coins can be obtained by completing the Weekly Heroic Strike Mission. – By playing on the three difficulties you can receive 3 in 3 different gameplays.

Weekly Nightfall Mission Strange Coin Location: Between 4 to 8 Strange Coins can be obtained for completing the Weekly Nightfall Mission. – Nightfall can be found in the Strike Playlists, but it doesn’t unlock until you reach level 24.

Public Even Strange Coin Location: One Strange Coin can be obtained by completing a Public Event.

Completing Missions Strange Coin Location: One Strange Coin is in rare cases received as a reward for finishing a Mission.

Crucible Matches Strange Coin Location: One Strange Coin is in rare cases received as a The Crucible match reward.

Strike Playlists Strange Coin Location: One or more Strange Coins are obtained by completing Strike Playlists at level 22 or level 24.

Golden Chests Strange Coin Location: One Strange Coin will occasionally be rewarded to you for opening up Golden Chests. Check 4th Golden Chest on Mars at The Iron Line.

Decrypting  Decoherent Engrams Strange Coin Location: One Strange Coin is sometimes received when decrypting the light blue Decoherent and purple Legendary Engrams.


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