Destiny Rise of Iron Wretched Eye Strike Strategy Guide

In this guide will provide you with Destiny Rise of Iron Wretched Eye Strike Strategy guide in which will provide you with step by step on how to defeat the boss and all the different SIVA enemis and eventually acquire your reward. Follow our complete guide as will provide you with tips on completing the Wretched Eye Strike which is a Level 38 Strike that sends Guardians to the depths of a Hive nest located within in a Missile Silo near the Triglav Bunker, to stop Kovic, Splicer Priest from infusing a captive Hive Ogre with SIVA.

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  • Confront the Devil Splicers
  • Destroy SIVA nodes
  • Descend into the Nest
  • Enter the Silos
  • Destroy SIVA nodes
  • Find the Splicer Priest
  • Scan the captive Ogre
  • Defeat the Splicer’s High Priest

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