Destiny Rise of Iron Armor Hunter, Warlock, Titan (Chest, Helmet, Legs, Arms)

Destiny Rise of Iron is only months away and we have new information about the armor for each of the guardians. Below you will take a look at the Destiny Rise of iron Armor for the Hunter, Warlock, Titan and each of them will have the chest, helmet, legs, arms and their special class item that each of them wears. The images that you will see below detail so much information abut the armor that you will be unlocking in the game as you try to level up to the new light level. As we know Bungie has made aware that you can currently upgrade your light level through different activities in the game and we could say that it will be the same for when Destiny Rise of Iron releases on September 20th.

Rise of Iron Hunter Armor (Chest, Helmet, Legs, Arms, Cloak) Gear

Rise of Iron Warlock Armor (Chest, Helmet, Legs, Arms, Cloak) Gear

Rise of Iron Titan Armor (Chest, Helmet, Legs, Arms, Cloak) Gear

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