Destiny Refer a Friend Program how does it work for Current and New Players

Destiny Refer a Friend Program comes with various details that you will need to be aware of when inviting a friend to play Destiny with you and linking up.

First of all there are two terms with need to have in mind, one of them is Veteran players and the other is referee player which are new players to Destiny that have been referred by veteran players that have been playing the game since year one.

  • Referees may only accept a referral from a single Veteran.
  • If a Pending, Accepted, or Active Link is cancelled after accepting a referral, Referees may only accept another referral from the same Veteran.
  • If you qualify for both Veteran and Referee status, accepting a referral will have no impact on pending referrals you’ve sent to other players.

If you are a veteran and would like to send an invitation to a referee here are some tips that Bungie is suggesting:

If you are looking for a Referee to send a referral to, please visit the #Recruitment forum.

You may either

  • Create a new thread, explaining that you are looking for a Referee
  • Reply to a thread created by a Referee who is looking to find a Veteran.

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