Destiny Raid Weapons Guide

Destiny Raid Weapons Guide will help you on choosing the best gun in the mode to be able to survive it.

Destiny Raid Weapons Guide will help you choose from the following weapons that are most effective and will help you advance through the different levels in the Raid mode.

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Raid Weapons

  • Assault Rifle – Atheon’s Epilogue
  • Hand Cannon – Fatebringer
  • Pulse Rifle – Praedyth’s Timepiece
  • Scout Rifle – Vision of Confluence
  • Fusion Rifle – Praetorian Foil
  • Shotgun – Found Verdict
  • Sniper Rifle – Praedyth’s Revenge
  • Machine Gun – Corrective Measure
  • Rocket Launcher – Hezen Vengeance

The armor and weapons are completely unique to the Raid activity. They are visually and thematically connected to the combatants you’ll fight in the Vault of Glass.

And of course, there are more rewards behind the Vault’s door that we won’t detail today.

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