Destiny Raid Armor Guide

Destiny Raid Armor Guide will help you on how you can upgrade to the two different types, Blue and Golden.

Our Destiny Raid Armor Guide will help you on how you can level up fast and upgrade to each of the armors that are in the game. There are two types of Raid Armors in Destiny, One is the blue in which is the normal level that you will begin. As you level up through the Raid you will then be able to upgrade to the gold armor for Head, chest Gauntlet and legs which will give you the ability and level up to where you can be effective against your enemy. See below the Destiny Raid Armor guide.

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The armor and weapons are completely unique to the Raid activity. They are visually and thematically connected to the combatants you’ll fight in the Vault of Glass.

Blue Raid Set (Normal Level)

Blue Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Head Mantic Zealot Helm Faceguard of Kabr Cowl of the Hezen Lords
Chest Mantic Zealot Cuirass Kabr’s Might Cuirass of the Hezen Lords
Gauntlet Mantic Zealot Gloves Kabr’s Defending Grasp Grips of the Hezen Lords
Legs Mantic Zealot Greaves Kabr’s Lifegiving Treads Boots of the Hezen Lords

Tan Raid Set (Hard Level)

Gold Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Head Prime Zealot Helm Battlecage of Kabr Façade of the Hezen Lords
Chest Prime Zealot Cuirass Kabr’s Wrath Robe of the Hezen Lords
Gauntlet Prime Zealot Gloves Kabr’s Brazen Grips Gloves of the Hezen Lords
Legs Prime Zealot Greaves Kabr’s Forceful Greaves Tread of the Hezen Lords

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