As Destiny The Queen’s Wrath gets underway, there are some basic things that you must know before you begin playing. One of the is Where is the Location of Queen’s Emissary and what type of rewards does she have with her to give you as you complete the different type of bounties.


Rosegold Cost: 500 glimmer, Queen rank 1
Prism Dancer Cost: 1000 glimmer, Queen rank 3

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Crown of the Sovereign Cost 1000 Glimmer, Queen rank 3 
Queen’s Guard Crest Cost: 500 Glimmer, Queen rank 1


Her Right Hand Auto rifle, Cost: 2000 Glimmer, Queen rank 2
Merciless Hand Cannon, Cost: 2000 Glimmer, Queen rank 2
Vesta Noblese, Scout Rifle, Cost: 2000 Glimmer, Queen rank 2


Mark of the Queen’s Guard, Titan Mark – Cost 750 Glimmer, Queen rank 2
Cloak of the Sixth Reign, Hunter Cloak – Cost 750 Glimmer, Queen rank 2
Bond of the Queen’s Guard, Warlock Bond – Cost 750 Glimmer, Queen rank 2


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