Destiny PVP No Mercy Rule, What is is and How does it Affect YOU

Bungie has announced a new Rule for PVP to Destiny which is called the No Mercy Rule. What is this No Mercy Rule?

The Mercy Rule aims to identify these games in progress, and end them early. This serves three goals:
1. End bad matches as quickly as possible
2. Give players full end-of-match rewards to discourage quitting
3. Reduce the number of players who are joined into bad games via join in progress
When the Mercy Rule hits, Shaxx will call out the end of the match. We immediately disable join in progress to prevent any additional players from joining the game (if anyone has dropped already) and reset the game clock to :10 seconds. After those 10 seconds, the match will end normally. All players will receive their end of match rewards and return to matchmaking.
Watch Laserbolt explain the No Mercy Rule and how this affects us all?
This is a great rule in which better the way PVP is played in Destiny. Let me know what you think about this new rule called No Mercy Rule?

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