Destiny Prison of Elders level 41 Walkthrough | Return to the Prison Quest

In this guide for Destiny Prison of Elders Level 41 walkthrough will provide you with tips on completing it

Our Destiny Prison of elders Level 41 walkthrough return to the prison will provide you with different strategies on completing this the new and updated POE that will have new mechanics and a new boss to defeat. Follow our complete walkthrough that will provide you with the new mechanics to defeating the Taken that have taken over the POE and will also show you what type of weapons to use, best sections in the event to be to completing it and what will work to defeating This level 41 Prison of Elders activity.

Destiny Prison of Elders Level 41 also consist of the Return to the Prison Quest, once you complete it Variks will provide you with a reward and once you complete the event you will be guaranteed level 320 and 325 gear items rewarded. Also you no longer need to farm for keys for those that remember in Destiny Year One this is not needed and you can visit the chest as many times as you complete the event.

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