Destiny Primary, Special and Heavy Weapons Guide

Destiny Weapons Guides, tips and tricks will provide you with all you need to know to manage and use them effectively.

Destiny Weapons Guides will help you on how to use each of the different ones in the game. As you progress through the game you will be able to upgrade weapons, each of the weapons can be used by either of the 3 classes in the game.  Also take a look at the Destiny Beta Walkthrough to get tips on the different missions available.

These weapons may be placed into one of three weapon slots:

  • Primary weapon
  • Special Weapon
  • Heavy weapon

Furthermore, weapons are tiered by rarity and power:

  • Basic Weapon (White)
  • Uncommon Weapon (Green)
  • Rare Weapon (Blue)
  • Legendary Weapon (Purple)
  • Exotic Weapon (Gold)

Weapon Stats

  • Attack – Higher attack allows your weapons to damage higher-level opponents.
  • Rate of Fire – The number of shots per minute this weapon can fire.
  • Impact – Increases the damage inflicted by each round.
  • Range – Increase the effective range of the weapon.
  • Stability – Decreases weapon recoil when fired continuously.
  • Reload – Decreases the time it takes to reload this weapon.
  • Magazine – The number of shots that can be fired before reloading.
  • Charge Rate – Rate at which the weapon charges.
  • Blast Radius – Increases the explosion radius of this weapon.
  • Velocity – Increases the speed of projectiles fired by this weapon

Weapons Damage Types

  • Arc Damage – This elemental damage type is related to electricity and has an area of effect. Blue shields are weak to Arc damage.
  • Solar Damage – This elemental damage type is fire damage and has a chance to ignite enemies. Orange shields are weak to Solar damage.
  • Void Damage – This elemental damage type is related to gravity and dark energy.
  • Kinetic Damage – This is the default damage type of most weapons and can be considered physical damage.

Destiny Primary Weapons Guide:

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