Destiny PoE Variks the Loyal Inventory 7/21

Destiny PoE Variks the Loyal Inventory 7/21, will he be loyal to you this week?

Destiny Prison of Elders Variks the Loyal inventory for July 21, 2015 is here and for week 10 what can we expect from him? Will he be loyal to you or will he not give you what you want? Prison of Elders is a 3 player activity in which you will go through different waves of enemies, modifiers and depending on your success is the type of reward you will get from Variks the Loyal from House of Judgment. Also at the end you will be able to open the chest and acquire rewards as long as you have a key to open the chest. You may also get a chance to the the cipher bounty in which you can get better weapons. What can we expect for the 7/21/15 this time around? Will it give us the piece that we need to complete our gear?

The inventory for Variks the Loyal on 7/21 Reset which you can get by playing prison of elders at Level 28, 32, 34 and 35 can only be acquired in this activity. Lets find out what is the inventory for July 21, 2015 and find out what we can expect this time around. Also take a look at Destiny The Taken King Early Content from Laserbolt.

Variks Inventory


Class Name Type Stats Perks
Hunter Kellhunter’s Blood Chest Armor 157 Discipline
Warlock Chest Armor
Titan Chest Armor

Cost: 1x Armor Core

Weapon: Wolfslayer’s Claw


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