Destiny Petra Wanted Bounties 3-1-16 Weekly Reset

Destiny Petra Wanted Bounties 3-1-16 Weekly Reset

Here is the complete Destiny Petra wanted Bounties for week 3-1-16 weekly reset. See below what you will need to do to complete all bounties for this week. Every week Petra Venj comes with new bounties that you will need to complete for this week reset and eventually you will be rewarded by completing them. Below take a look at the list of Petra Wanted Bounties for March 1, 2016.

Petra Venj Bounties

Name Description How To
Take the Wanted WANTED: Irxori, Lost to Oryx. Cosmodrome. Fireteam recommended. Patrol Cosmodrome. Head left through Mothyards, into the building at the top, all the way through, and eventually you will reach the Skywatch.
Take Them Out Kill 12 Consumed or named Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex on Mars. Either Patrol the Dreadnaught and kill any taken that spawn out of the Blights, do some Court of Oryx, or participate in the Taken Public Events on the planets.
Take Them All Kill 100 Taken. Patrol the Dreadnaught. Find the Taken Blights with the enemies spawning and start killing them. They will keep spawning until a mini boss shows up. Playing Court of Oryx helps as well as they usually show up in most of the boss fights.

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