Destiny Moon Gold Loot Chests Locations

As you travel through the Moon you will need to find all the Destiny Moon Gold Chest locations. There are 5 gold chest that will need to be gathered to be able to use them for upgrading your weaponry and guardian. There are different type of loot items to be found in the game. Finding the Gold chests will provide you with different types of rewards as you find them. As we promised here at GamerFuzion, below you can find all the Destiny Moon Gold Loot Chests Locations in the game. Please share and comment!

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Destiny Moon Gold Chests Locations

1. Temple of Crota – Enter the temple of Crota, as you drop to the lower floor and move to the right you will see an exit. Follow the path into the hive temple. Go across the bridge into the ship and continue out the right side and you will stop at the end of the ramp. See down to the right to check  and you will see your gold chest.

2. Archer’s Line to hellmouth – As you go into Hellmouth from archer’s line you will sick a bunch or rocks on the left just before the short bridge and you will find your gold chest.

3. Arche’s Line to Hall Wisdom – Climb the hill across from the starting point in Archer’s Line, cut through the debilitated dome structure and you follow the pass that lead to the hive fortress. Take the spiral ramp that lead you to the bottom of the cave and enter the water to the right of the hall of Wisdom. there is your next gold chest location.

4. The world’s Grave – Find the next gold chest in the world’s grave room, you will drop into the water right away and search along the rocky wall to get your gold chest.

5. The Summoning pits – The Gold chest can be access through the moon strike,. the summoning pit. head over to the lower platform at the far end of the arena and check between the two staircases.

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