Destiny comes with a lot of medals that can be unlocked during the game. There is almost a medal for just about anything you do in destiny, below you can find a large list of medals that can be unlocked and what they are used for in the game. Some are used for ability, game type, victory and so on. See below the Destiny Medals, how to use and unlock them.

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Ability Medals

  • Angel of Light – Revive five downed allies in a single life
  • Blast Shield – Block fatal damage within two seconds of casting Ward of Dawn
  • Cry Havoc – Kill three enemies with a single Fist of Havoc
  • Get It Off! – Kill an enemy by sticking them with a grenade
  • Gutted – Kill three enemies in a single Arc Blade charge
  • I See You – Kill an invisible enemy
  • Medic! – Quickly revive two downed allies
  • Overwatch – Defend an ally from enemy fire
  • Scorched Earth – Kill three enemies with grenades while Radiance is active
  • Space Magic – Kill three enemies with a single Nova Bomb
  • Stick Around – Kill an enemy with a throwing knife headshot
  • Way Of The Gun – Kill three enemies with a single Golden Gun chargeability medals

Killing Spree Medals

  • At Any Cost – Kill 3 enemies while capturing a Control zone in a single life
  • Bullseye – Kill 3 enemies with headshots in a single life
  • Chariot of Fire – Kill 5 players while driving the Interceptor in a single life
  • Dead Man’s Hand – Kill 5 enemies with Hand Cannon headshots in a single life
  • Defender – Score 5 zone defense kills in a single life
  • Enemy of My Enemy – Catch 3 enemies in crossfire in a single life
  • Fallen Angels – Kill 5 enemies while driving the Pike in a single life
  • Gunner – Kill 5 players with the turret in a single life
  • Mark of the Unbroken – Complete a match with a minimum of 15 kills without dying or being downed
  • Merciless – Kill 5 enemies in a single life
  • Reign of Terror – Kill 15 enemies in a single life
  • Relentless – Kill 10 enemies in a single life
  • Strength of the Wolf – As a team, kill 10 enemies with no one on your team dying
  • Unsung Hero – Assist your allies on 3 kills in a single life

spree medals

Unlock Multi-Kill Medals

  • Breaker – Rapidly kill 4 enemies
  • Buckshot Bruiser – Kill 3 enemies with a Shotgun without switching weapons or reloading
  • Clean Sweep – Rapidly kill 3 enemies near their own probe
  • Double Down – Rapidly kill 2 enemies
  • Machine Lord – Kill 3 enemies with a Machine Gun without switching weapons or reloading
  • Marksman – Kill 2 enemies with Sniper Rifle headshots without switching weapons or reloading
  • Master Blaster – Kill 3 opponents with a Fusion Rifle without switching weapons or reloading
  • Reaper – Rapidly kill 6 enemies
  • Seventh Column – Defy probability by rapidly killing 7 enemies
  • Slayer – Rapidly kill 5 enemies
  • Splash Damage – Kill 3 enemies with a Rocket without switching weapons or reloading
  • Triple Down – Rapidly kill 3 enemies

Multi-Kill Medals

Game Type Medals

  • Disruption – Neutralize the enemy probe in a Salvage match
  • Hat Trick – Capture 3 control zones in a single match
  • Lockdown – As a team, hold all 3 control zones for 60 seconds
  • Lone Wolf – In a team game, finish first on your team with 0 assists
  • Nail The Coffin – Score the winning points in a match
  • Objectively Correct – In a Control match, capture the most zones
  • On The Bright Side… – Achieve the highest score in a match despite your team’s loss
  • Relic Hunter – Help capture 3 relic zones in a salvage match
  • Saboteur – In a salvage match, neutralize the most probes
  • Salvage Crew – As a team, salvage 3 relics in a match
  • The Best… Around – Achieve the highest score in a match while leading your team to victory

medals by game

Special Kill Medals

  • Back In Action – Kill an enemy after 3 consecutive lives with no kills
  • Bulldozer – Run over an enemy with the Interceptor
  • Domination – Kill an enemy while your team holds all 3 control zones
  • End of the Line – Kill an enemy with a 15+ kill streak
  • Enforcer – Shut down an enemies kill streak
  • First Blood – Score the first kill in a match
  • Hazard Pay – Kill an enemy with an exploding object
  • Im-probe-able – Kill an enemy near the allied probe
  • Narrow Escape – Kill an enemy that nearly killed you
  • Never Speak of this Again – Run over an enemy with the Sparrow
  • Postmortem – Kill one or more enemies after you have died
  • Skewered – Run over an enemy with the Pike
  • Uprising – Kill the leader 3 times in a single match

skills medals

Victory Medals

  • Alone At the Top – Win a Rumble match
  • Clutch – Win a match after trailing with 2 seconds remaining
  • Comeback – With a match after trailing by 500 with 30 seconds remaining or when the enemy was nearing victory
  • Decisive Victory – In a match that reaches the score limit, double the opposing team’s score
  • Heartbreaker – Win a Rumble match in overtime
  • Shut Out – As a team, hold your opponents to zero relics salvaged
  • Sum of All Tears – Win a Rumble match with a score greater than the sum of your enemies
  • Victory – Win a match
  • Won’t Be Beat – Win a Rumble match after trailing by 500 with 30 seconds remaining, or when the enemy was nearing victory
  • Zero Hour – Win a match in overtime

kills by wins

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