Destiny Mars Gold Loot Chests Locations

As you travel through the Mars you will need to find all the Destiny Mars Gold Chest locations. There are 5 gold chest that will need to be gathered to be able to use them for upgrading your weaponry and guardian. There are different type of loot items to be found in the game. Finding the Gold chests will provide you with different types of rewards as you find them. As we promised here at GamerFuzion, below you can find all the Destiny Mars Gold Loot Chests Locations in the game. Please share and comment!

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Mars Gold Chests Locations

1. The Barrens – Head to the loading zone, from there go over to the circular Cabal outpost that sits near the exit to scablands. The cchest is on top of crates.

2. Barrens to the Hollows – In the tunner between Barren and the Hollow you will look for a small opening above before emerging downtown. Go into the hole and see to your right.

3. Dust Palace – Inside the Dust Palace you will see the first door that is open in the Dust Place Strike . check for a door that has a number 3 and you will see the gold chest behind the reception desk.

4. Iron Line – at the giant gate that lead to the legion’s keep, you rill run along the left walkway, jump onto the big pipes in the corner and turn around. Jump up to the walkway and on the left and follow it all the way where you will find the chest.

5. Tharsis Junction – Inside the subway at the tharsis Juction you will see for the Vex gate that is in the corner behind the train cars. in there there is a small room where you will go inside and go behind the fencing  in the far corner. There is your final Gold chest location.

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