Destiny Lord Shaxx Bounties 1-5-16 Weekly Reset

Destiny Lord Shaxx Bounties 1-5-16 Weekly Reset with new challenges

Here is the complete Destiny Lord Shaxx Bounties for week 1-5-16 weekly reset. See below what you will need to do to complete all bounties for this week PVP Crucible events. Every week Lord Shaxx comes with new bounties that you will need to complete for this week reset and eventually you will be rewarded by completing them. Below take a look at the list of Lord Shaxx Bounties for January 5, 2016.  Also take a look at our Destiny Hub Page for all about Destiny PVE and PVP.

Lord Shaxx Bounties

Name Description How To
Individual Achievement Complete Crucible matches with an individual score of at least 1500 points. Win two matches with a personal score over 1,500. I would recommend either Rift and being the Spark Runner. One dunk will net you that score. Or play Clash or Control, and make sure you get kills, which will be about 15 kills pending assists, headshots, or control point captures.
Making an Impact Win 7 matches. Invite some firends, hop on your favorite /r/Fireteams site, create a Fireteam, communicate, win. Above all, have fun.
Crucible Combat Win one game in three different Crucible game modes. Play and win 3 different games, in 3 different games in 3 different Crucible modes for example you could win 1 control match, 1 rift match and 1 rumble.
Featured Matches Earn points in any featured Crucible playlist. Wins are worth 3 points. Completing a match is worth 1 point. Win at all costs, Guardian! Don’t leave matches before they end. You could miss out on 3 points otherwise!
As a Team Complete 5 Crucible matches in a Fireteam of 2 or more players. Grab a friend. If you are like me and don’t have, hop on /r/Fireteamsand make a new friend. Hop in some matches, and just complete them. Don’t need to win for this to count, just be active, and make it to the end.
The True Meaning of War Complete all 5 of Shaxx’s weekly bounties in one week. Complete a total of 5 of Shaxx’s Weekly Bounties. Must have this bounty on your character BEFORE completing the other 5 bounties.


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