Destiny King’s Fall Raid will not be available September 15

Destiny King’s Fall raid will not be available September 15 which is the launch date.

This may or may not come to a surprise to you Guardian, but the Destiny King’s Fall raid will not be available on September 15. Bungie has mentioned that the Raid will not be dropping on September 15th, so based on what we know from the past, the raid will probably be available a week later or until you reach a certain level. Maybe reaching level 38 will open up the King’s Fall Raid to be played on normal mode and level 40 the hard mode raid. At this moment we can’t share much more but as soon as we know more we will give you all the details as to when we can expect the Destiny Destiny King’s Fall raid. For all your gaming needs on Destiny, check our Destiny Hub Page.

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