Destiny King’s Fall Raid Walkthrough and Guide

Destiny King’s Fall Raid Walkthrough and Guide

Destiny King’s Fall Raid walkthrough will provide you with tips, tricks and best in game strategy guide to completing all the different stages that you will be facing in the game. As you advance through each of the stages you will find different chest that you will locate and will need to find. Some of the chest will be hidden along the way  and they will contain king’s fall raid gear and weapons that you will be able to unlock by just opening. The King’s Fall raid is a much bigger raid than the VOG that was the first raid in Destiny year 1.

The King’s Fall Raid includes various rewards such raid armor, weapons different type of scenarios, such as solving puzzles, taking on different waves of enemies and a new menace the taken, unlocking gear that can only be discovered in King’s Fall Raid. In the Raid we may see something that will take place such as modifiers that will give the King’s Fall Raid a new dynamic and ways to play the raid such as different levels from what we already know that are normal and heroic mode. As we go through the King’s Fall Raid will provide you with most information on how to complete it as our fireteam gets underway with it . Below are some of the gear and weapons you can obtain while you open a chest, get a drop or complete the the raid.

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King’s Fall Raid Relics and Floating Plates Puzzle

King’s Fall Raid Power the Glyph

King’s Fall Raid Defeat the Warpriest

King’s Fall Raid How to Defeat Golgoroth

King’s Fall Raid how to defeat The Daughters of Oryx

Destiny Kings Fall Raid Armor

Warlock Hunter Titan
Mouth of Ur (Harrowed)Chasm of Yuul (Harrowed) Darkhollow Mask (Harrowed)Darkhollow Chiton (Harrowed) War Numen’s Crown (Harrowed)War Numen’s Chest (Harrowed)
Grasp of Eir (Harrowed) Darkhollow Grasps (Harrowed) War Numen’s Fist (Harrowed)
Path of Xol (Harrowed) Darkhollow Treads (Harrowed) War Numen’s Boots (Harrowed)
Bond of the Wormlore? Darkhollow Mantle War Numen’s Mark

Destiny King’s Fall Raid Weapons

Name Type Strength
Zaouli’s Bane (Harrowed) Hand Cannon Rate of Fire
Anguish of Drystan (Harrowed) Auto Rifle Impact
Smite of Merain (Harrowed) Pulse Rifle Stability
Doom of Chelchis (Harrowed) Scout Rifle Average
Defiance of Yasmin (Harrowed) Sniper Rifle Stability, AA
Midha’s Reckoning (Harrowed) Fusion Rifle Impact
Silence of A’arn (Harrowed) Shotgun Impact
Elulim’s Frenzy (Harrowed) Rocket Launcher RoF, Blast Radius
Qullim’s Terminus (Harrowed) Machine Gun Impact, Stability



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