Destiny King’s Fall Raid All Weapons Guide and Overview

Destiny King’s Fall Raid All Weapons Guide and Overview

For Destiny The Taken King we will have the King’s Fall Raid to take part in and the Raid comes with 2 sets of weapons that we can earn by completing it. Destiny King’s Fall raid comes with normal and hard weapons that we can earn in the activity. Below i will list the two types of weapons (normal and heroic or hard mode). At this moment there are no perks that we can bring to you and show them but will do when September 18th comes and we will show them all as we unlock them.

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Auto rifle: Anguish of Drystan

Pulse rifle: Smite of Merain

Scout rifle: Doom of Chelchis

Hand cannon: Zaouli’s Bane

Sniper rifle: Defiance of Yasmin

Shotgun: Silence of A’arn

Fusion rifle: Midha’s Reckoning


Rocket launcher: Elulim’s Frenzy

Machine gun: Qullim’s Terminus

Below you can find the complete list for Destiny King’s Fall Raid weapons that will be available when the Raid goes live on September 18th.


Harrowed Anguish of Drystan – AUTO RIFLE
Harrowed Doom of Chelchis – SCOUT RIFLE
Harrowed Smite of Merain – PULSE RIFLE
Harrowed Zaouli’s Bane – HAND CANNON

Harrowed Silence of A’arn – SHOTGUN
Harrowed Midha’s Reckoning – FUSION RIFLE
Harrowed Defiance of Yasmin – SNIPER RIFLE

Harrowed Elulim’s Frenzy – Rocket Launcher
Harrowed Qullim’s Terminus – MACHINE GUN

Harrowed Darkhollow Mask – HUNTER
Harrowed Mouth of Ur – WARLOCK
Harrowed War Numen’s Crown – TITAN
Darkhollow Mask – HUNTER
Mouth of Ur – WARLOCK
War Numen’s Crown – TITAN

Harrowed Darkhollow Grasps – HUNTER
Harrowed Grasps of Eir – WARLOCK
Harrowed War Numen’s Fist – TITAN
Darkhollow Grasps – HUNTER
Grasps of Eir – WARLOCK
War Numen’s Fist – TITAN

Harrowed Darkhollow Chiton -HUNTER
Harrowed Chasm of Yuul – WARLOCK
Harrowed War Numen’s Chest – TITAN
Darkhollow Chiton – HUNTER
Chasm of Yuul – WARLOCK
War Numen’s Chest – TITAN

Harrowed Darkhollow treads – HUNTER
Harrowed Path of Xol – WARLOCK
Harrowed War Numen’s Boots – TITAN
Darkhollow treads – HUNTER
Path of Xol – WARLOCK
War Numen’s Boots – TITAN

Darkhollow Mantle – HUNTER
Bond of the Wormlore – WARLOCK
War Numen’s Mark – TITAN


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