Destiny King’s Fall Raid All Chest Locations Guide

Destiny King’s Fall Raid All Chest Locations Guide

In this guide we will provide you with all The Destiny King’s Fall Raid chest locations that can be found throughout the entire raid and each section you will be able to find the different kind of chest in the raid.  The King’s Fall Raid is a 290 light to be run at normal and will take 6 players at least 290 light level to be able to defeat the different bosses in the raid.  In Destiny The Taken King King’s Fall raid there are floating plates, Power the Glyph, defeat the warpiest and Golgoroth and fight oryx daughters and eventually defeat oryx. In each of the stages there are at least one hidden chest and consumables that you can gather.

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  • First Chest is located by where the floating plates are, the chest is located through a door which is on the wall that you are standing after you complete floating puzzle.
  • Second chest is located on the oppisete wall once you spawn in the Traverse the edge section, use your ghost to view the hidden plates that take you to the hidden King’s Fall Raid chest.

King’s Fall Raid Secret Chest Location Floating Puzzle

King’s Fall Raid Secret Chest Hidden Location Gorgoroth’s Cellar

King’s Fall Raid Secret Chest Hidden Location Traverse The Edge

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