Destiny Key of Yuul Chest Location Guide Dreadnaught

Destiny Key of Yuul Chest Location Guide in the Dreadnaught

In this Destiny guide will show you how you can get the key of Yuul chest location in which took some time but take a look at the video guide below that shows you the steps in which you can get the Key of Yuul chest location and get you some exotic items that can help you towards leveling up for the King’s Fall Raid and level up your light and exp.

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How to get key of Yuul:

Obtain Wormfeeder Rune by defeating Blahgrish in Hull Breach. Charge it up by defeating 50 enemies without dying. The Wormfeeder Rune will randomly transform into 1 of 9 keys.

How to use Key of Yuul:

Opens a chest in Hall of Souls. Players will obtain a Calcified Fragment XXXVIII by opening this chest.

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