Destiny Iron Banner Inventory 2-23-19 (weapons, gear) and PSN Exclusive Gear

Here is the Destiny Iron banner inventory that is coming next week for 2-23-15 with new weapons, gear and exclusive gear for PS4 that takes place next week. So get ready for the grind next week when you get to play The Iron Banner event and try to get those awesome rewards.

Begins: Tuesday, February 23rd, 10AM PST
Ends: Tuesday, March 1st, 1AM PST
Available from Lord Saladin:
  • Rank 3: Gauntlets, PlayStation Gauntlets
  • Rank 4: Helmet, PlayStation Helmet, Sniper Rifle
  • Rank 5: Rocket Launcher
Available as post-game drops:
  • Rank 2: Gauntlets, PlayStation Gauntlets
  • Rank 3: Helmet, Sniper Rifle
  • Rank 4: Rocket Launcher

Take a look at the video below by Laserbolt, who goes through it in detail about what weapons we would be getting and the gear to unlock.

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