Destiny Inferno Crucible Mode Confirmed, coming March 3

Destiny Inferno Crucible Mode Confirmed, coming March 3

The Destiny Inferno Crucible mode has been confirmed and is coming on March 3rd and below you can find the details about it and how will it work and what type of items you can win when you defeat your opponent. Leif Johansen, one of the designer is the leading person in this mode, who is always striving to bring the best from Destiny, below find complete details and list about Destiny Inferno Crucible Mode.

Inferno Inbound
If the Crucible is no place for mercy, it’s also no place for complacency. We have a team of designers who love to keep you fighting for honor, glory, and the chance for some loot. One of them is Leif Johansen. As a Senior Designer, he’s one player on a team that is always striving to give you new ways to clash with other Guardians for control of the battle.
He’s here to tell us about their newest creation: Inferno playlists.

Leif:  Inferno is a game mode coming to the Crucible on March 3rd.


We’re starting with Inferno Control, a PVP experience that’s more about basic gunplay and achieving more with less. PvP modes should give you the opportunity to flex new gameplay muscles you didn’t know you had. 


What’s the most important change you’re making?


Leif:  We’re removing the Tracker that warns you of nearby opponents. We’re hoping this change will provoke players to rely even more on certain skills like map knowledge, teamwork, good positioning, successfully flanking opponents, using jumps to set up ambushes, catching audio cues like footsteps, and using friendly nameplate UI as clues toward enemy position. Lack of Tracker should also indirectly reduce the effectiveness of Supers and Heavies, and make the mode more about basic gunplay.


Here are some of the changes that will make that a reality:

  • No Tracker
    • Players have no “radar” in the top left corner of their HUD
    • Super Good Advice: Please, please check your corners, Guardians
  • Simplified Scoring
    • We’ve removed as many scoring events as possible
    • The mode is much more about getting kills and playing the core objective
  • Fast objective capture
    • Without the Tracker, players are much more vulnerable when interacting with objectives because it gives away their position 
    • Speeding up capture time keeps the risk/reward for trying to capture an objective more fair
  • Less Heavy Ammo
    • There’s only one set of Heavy crates per match and dead players don’t drop purple bricks
    • With no Tracker, it’s much easier to flank an aggressive opponent that’s pushing for kills because they have Heavy
    • Expect players to play more conservatively with Heavy ammo to try and get more bang for buck out of it


Where can we expect all of this happen?


Leif:  Inferno uses a mix of old and new maps, but we’ve pulled out a few maps that are so big that players may struggle to find fights.


Here’s what you’ll find in the rotation:

  • The Anomaly
  • Firebase Delphi
  • Twilight Gap
  • Rusted Lands
  • Shores of Time
  • Blind Watch
  • Asylum
  • The Burning Shrine
  • The Cauldron
  • Pantheon


Thanks, Leif!


Inferno Control will be active in your Director for one week, to return in rotation with other playlists you know. The Crucible heats up on March 3rd. You have until then to practice flying blind. 


To kick off the festivities, a few of our most aggressive players are forming a dream team for a Bungie Bounty. They’re practiced up on the new rules, and most of us refuse to enter matchmaking with them, so this promises to be anything but a cake walk.


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