Destiny Hunter Class Loadouts Setups PvP Crucible Guide

As destiny roles out and you get to the crucible to fight against others, we have here Destiny Hunter Class Loadouts setups. These class setups will help you in getting started with Destiny crucible and help you stay alive and possible help you win the match. It also depends on the type of skills you have developed to be great at the game. Follow the below Destiny Hunter class loadouts to get you going and for more Destiny cover, see all the links below:

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 Destiny Hunter Class Loadouts Setups PvP Crucible Guide

Class & Subclass Movement Mode Grenade Melee Super Stat Perks Perks Character Stat
Gunslinger Fast Air Movement Zoning Pref, Tripmine. Zoning Alt: Incerdiary Grenade  or Seeker Drones DPS Focus: Throwing Knife + Gunfighter Faster Super: Golden Gun + Gunfighter Agility armor: Path Forgotten and way of the drifter More Knives Sacvenger and Gambler’s Dagger Pre Gunfighter. Post Gunfighter -70% Streght
-30% Intellect

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