Destiny How to upgrade Old Gear in House of Wolves DLC

Destiny How to upgrade Old Gear in House of Wolves DLC

Bungie revealed that in Destiny House of Wolves DLC allow players to improve their old exotic and legendary equipment. For weapons, it is possible to increase the maximum damage from level 331 to 365, this without rebooting the progress of the perks to unlock them.

Moreover, increased legendary team require Glimmer and Etheric Light, a new resource available in certain sections of House of Wolves as Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. It will also appear from time to time during the games and Iron Banner and Nightfall events.

On the other hand, Etheric Light is not required to ascend the exotic equipment, but will spend Exotic Shard with other common resources. Xur stop offering this service, since now players can do it themselves.

Other additions in House of Wolves are ease of buying Shards by an NPC called The Speaker at The Tower, and new legendary weapons.

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