Destiny How to Unlock The Chaperone Shutgun Steps

Destiny How to Unlock The Chaperone Shutgun Steps

In this guide will show you how you can acquire the The Chaperone Shutgun, take a look at all the different steps below that will show you how you can get this awesome exotic shutgun.

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This can be acquire in the Jolly Quest

You obtain this quest by speaking to Amanda Holliday after completion of the main ‘The Taken King’ Quest.

Step 1 – Get kills in the crucible while having The Last Word equipped.

  • You do not have to get kills with TLW, You can use supers, grenades, heavy weapons and special weapons.
  • Normal Kills grant you 1%
  • Headshot Kills grant you 2% (?)
  • Death will lose you 2%
  • Killstreaks lead to bonus points.
  • You need 100% to complete this part of the quest.
  • I was on 99% and it took like 4 kills from there to 100% so idk what happened there.
  • My advice is to utilize supers, heavy and special ammo. Play it safe, hang back then charge in with heavy/super.
  • Play objective based games, so people aren’t only focusing on killing you.

Step 2 – Speak to Amanda Holliday

Step 3 – Purchase a ‘Generous Donation’ from the cryptarch

  • This costs 15,000 Glimmer.

Step 4 – Speak to Amanda Holliday

Step 5 – Use a shotgun to kill enemies in the Crucible and high-level minions of the Darkness

  • Yellow bar enemies on Earth Patrol does not work
  • Yellow bar enemies on the 240 Light Daily Heroic do work however
  • You can farm the Tortured Knight from the 240 Light Daily Heroic mission for 6% each kill
  • Crucible Kills grant 3% per kill
  • Dying in Crucible does not lose any points
  • Universal Remote kills DO count towards the quest

Step 6 – Use a shotgun to kill each of the Shield Brothers on the Dreadnaught

  • Strike is recommended 290 Light.
  • Requires a minimum of 250 Light to start.
  • Not sure if you can do it on the 260 Light Strike playlist


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