Well if you are a veteran to Destiny then this Destiny News blog is for you, and you if you are new to Destiny then this is for you as-well!

Update: Destiny paid level boosts are now available in North America, confirming that they cost $30 each for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.

destiny booster packs

Destiny Adds microtransactions to DESTINY, yes now the developers have added this feature to allow you to level up to level 25 and miss out an what the experience of Destiny is. Me personally I don’t get Bungie! When they first announced that they will not be doing microtransactions that would allow you to level up your character we were okay with that. Upgrading that looks of your sparrow or the way your guardian looks was okay with the community. BUT now really, $30 dollars to help you boost to LEVEL 25! This is just ridiculous and it just makes NO sense at all. Playing upto Level 25 gives you the experience in what Destiny is about and you enjoy it, but Bungie wants to charge you $30 for it now!

If you are a veteran in Destiny you know that after Level 25 is where the grinding begins, but lets get back to this level booster and their $30 tag. Currently they are showing in the UK and would eventually see them in the US. We were aware that Bungie was only doing microstransactions on cosmetics but now looks like plans have changed and they will be doing something that the community has been against it.

Let me know what you the Destiny community thinks of the new direction that Bungie is taking with the game?


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