Destiny How to Join Team Chat Menu

Destiny How to Join Team Chat Menu

Take a look below in which you will soon be able to Join team chat by means of using your Ghosts. This is a feature that guardians have been waiting for for a while.

If Team Chat is available, it can be accessed at any point in time by going into Navigation Mode in Destiny. As always, you activate that menu by deploying your Ghost.


Once in Navigation Mode, you will see the user interface for channel selection. The lower right of your screen will contain the following:
• Directional button icons
• Highlights for available chat options
• Text for current channel
• Icons for current channel



To deactivate the public option and retreat to a more private corner with friends who have joined your Fireteam, just revert back to Fireteam Chat using the same Navigation Mode menu. At any time, the channel you’re using will be displayed in the lower right. You can always toggle between channels using the highlighted directional buttons.

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