Destiny How to Get To Get Touch O Malice Steps

In this guide for Destiny will show you how to get Touch of Malice a Exotic Scout Rifle that  you only can get if you follow the steps below and will be rewarded with the Scout Rifle which has a 310 attack value and will help if you are a 300 light level to acquire it. See below the complete steps and the video guide that will show you how to get this exotic scout rifle.

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Require Steps:

  • Complete King’s Fall Raid
  • Complete all quest Eris gives you which requires you to pick up a certain item
  • She will then give you a quest, similar to the sword quest, which requires you to find materials to begin building the gun.
  • Collect 25 wormspore, 50 hadium flakes, and 50 weapon parts to complete this quest.
  • Collect calcified fragments to unlock the next quest.
  • Next Quest: Hunger Pangs, and requires you to do the Undying Mind strike and kill a major that spawns during the boss fight
  • Eris will give you the final quest, also called Hunger Pangs
  • Re-do The Taken War: Mars quest
  • Return to Eris and get your Touch of Malice


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