Destiny How to Get The Sleeper Simulant Guide

In this guide will show you  in Destiny How to get the sleeper Simulant Quest Guide step by step that will provide you the path on your way to getting yours. There are several steps that involve in getting this to complete. Below I will break it down into small

1. Begin the Firewall mission – Collect fusion core

2. Curious Transciever – Decode it with the four codes

3. After 4 passcodes you get access to a new mission called Shadow Call which requires you to reach the top of the Devil’s Spire (Cayde’s Stash mission location) you will then be rewarded with the IKELOS Fusion Core.

4.After you get your Ikelos Fusion core you will then need to dismantle any legendary or heave weapon and 4 more steps that I have laid out below:

Ionized Shell Harmonics – Complete the Archives mission on Venus on any difficulty.
Complete a ‘Defend the Warsat’ public event on Earth.
Complete a ‘Defend the Warsat’ public event on the Moon.
Complete a ‘Defend the Warsat’ public event on Mars.

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