Destiny how to get ready for the house of wolves Guide, Tips

Destiny how to get ready for the house of wolves Guide, Tips

Many of you have been asking in Destiny how to get ready for the house of wolves and what do I need need to do to take on all the different activities in the 2nd DLC for Destiny. Well there are many different sections in which you will need to check in your inventory, guardian to be ready for the House of Wolves in Destiny.

Below find some bullets points in which they will guide you on how to get ready for Destiny House of Wolves. The main and your priority it to first to reach to Level 32 armor so that your offense and defense aspect of your guardian can withstand the attacks and be able to advance through all the different modes in Destiny House of Wolves:

New Story Missions
3 Crucible Maps
Crucible Elimination Gametype
Strike Mission
Prison of Elders
Trials of Osiris

For a complete in depth analysis on what you need to do to be ready for Destiny House of Wolves 2nd DLC, Watch the video below that will take you step by step to be ready for House of Wolves:


Destiny House of Wolves offer you new weapons and armor that you will be able to upgrade to Level 34 by Completing the different activities such as Prison of Elsders, Trials of Osiris and many other. You can also take part in the following to be able to gathre matrials to upgrade weapons and armor, complete new bounties and upgrade weapons in a new way with no use of Xur. If you are level 32 when the house of wolves you will be able to maximize weapons attack power to 365 quickly and the most effective way.

You will also need to to have the following ready in your vault when you reach the Destiny House of Wolves as it will allow you to level up faster.

Motes of light
Complete Bounties

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