Destiny How to get ready for Rise of Iron Expansion

In this guide will provide you with what you need to do in Destiny to get ready for Rise of Iron such as what level you need to be at, engrams, what legendary items you need and much more. This guide will help those that want to take advantage of the Rise of Iron expansion and want to make make sure they level up fast and are are ready when September 20 is coming. the guide will also provide great info for those that don’t grind as much but love to level up when their time permits, so do take a look at the guide below and the video tutorial from GF LaserBolt that explains what you need to do.

TOC: Rise of Iron 8 Artifacts | The Khvostov 7G-0X | Rise of Iron Weapons | Rise of Iron Iron Banner Gear | Rise of Iron Thorn Quest | Rise of Iron Khvostov 7G OX Perks |Rise of Iron Exotic Weapons Breakdown | Rise of Iron Private Matches & Custom Games | How to get ready for Rise of Iron

Key items that you need to focus:

  • Reach Light Level 335
  • Choose Character and stick to One
  • Clear or clean your Vault
  • Buy Materials: Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom (helps you level up weapons)
  • Prepare for Legendary Marks: Stack up with Legendary marks or purchase them
  • Crucible handler provides you with more legendary marks by completing some bounties
  • Edge out the vendor reputation

Destiny: How To Prepare For Rise of Iron! Ultimate Rise of Iron Prep Guide

Should you keep engrams in your inventory?

Yes you should collect engrams and keep as many as you can because when Destiny gets the reset which will include the Rise of Iron Update the engrams will have a bigger value and will help you get items faster and level up faster too. So stack up as many as you can.

Also find out why you should stack up on strange coins and how you can level up your faction to be ready for Destiny Rise of Iron.




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