Destiny How to get Legendaty Stranger’s Rifle in The Taken King

Destiny How to get Legendary Stranger’s Rifle in The Taken King

In this guide we show you how you can get the Legendary Stranger’s rifle in the Taken King and you can follow the steps below so you can acquire below: For all your Destiny needs, take a look at our Destiny Hub Page.

  1. You need to get to the tower and in the middle part of the tower you will go to a big iPad that is on the wall and choose Fruit of The Garden quest and follow the next steps:

1. A Stranger’s Call
2. The Awoken
3. Ishtar Collective
4. Talk to Master Rahool
5. Eye of the Gatelord
6. A Key Awaits
7. Exclusion Zone
8. Talk to Ikora
9 The Garden’s Spire
10 Talk to Ikora
11. A Strangers Call
12. Talk to the Speaker and check inventory for year one weapon

Once you complete all the steps you will have your Legendary Stranger’s Rifle which many of you dismantled early in the game.


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