Destiny How to Farm for Ether Keys, Ether Chests Locations

Destiny How to Farm for Ether Keys, Ether Chests Locations guide for using in Prison of Elders chests

In this guide we will show you in Destiny How to farm for Ether keys and Ether chests locations in the wanted bounties from Petra Venj QUEEN’s Emissary New Bounties from House of Wolves. Ether Keys is a new aspect in the game in which you would have to collect as many as you can in the game, this was added by Bungie in the Patch 1.2.0 in which the keys are useful to save for the prison of elders activity. In the video guide we show you the best method on how to farm for Ether Keys in which they are located in the Ether Chests.

Fist you would need to find the the pack of wolves or enemies in which you battle and kill all that stand in from of you. Once you kill the last wolf from the pack a message would pop which says ether key and next to it will give you 1:30 seconds for you to find the Ether chest. Now we have all the probability locations where the ether chests do spawn and will be letting you know.

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Lets see how  laserbolt shows us farming for ether keys

How to Farm for Ether Keys and Ether Chest Video Guide

Keep farming and using the method in the video above in which LaserBolt shows you what you will need to do. Now what do you do for all the key that you find? Well fist you can only carry 5 keys at one time while farming so once you get 5 keys go to your vault and store them. What is the point of storing the Ether keys and what are they good for. The Ether Keys are good for opening chest that you would be getting in the prison of elders and inside you can find some exotic items that could be armor, weapons or other type of rare material. Follow our complete Destiny How to Farm for Ether Keys, Ether Chests Locations guide to get all the possible keys and chests locations in the different wanted bounties from the Queen.

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