Destiny How to Defeat Golgoroth Challenge 12-29-15 Strategy Guide

Destiny How to Defeat Golgoroth Challenge 12-29-15 Strategy Guide

We are here in another week of Destiny King’s Fall Raid Challenge, today the challenge is to defeat Golgoroth for 12-29-15 in a different way that you have done it before. The challenge per Bungie will be ramp up each time and it will be different to complete the challenge as you earn your rewards. The rewards for defeating the Golgoroth Challenge for December 29 would be 320 so will show you how to defeat Golgoroth Challenge and what reward we get from it.

We will be bringing you all the different tips and tricks, strategy guide on how you can easily and the best way to defeating the Golgoroth Challenge for the weekly reset 12/29/15.


Strategy Guide to Defeating Golgoroth challenge for December 29, 2015

  • Assign everyone a number
  • Drop 1 orb and everyone hold the Gaze
  • Dying will not require wipe, make sure you continue to grab gaze during the phase
  • When you get the Gaze go into the pull as you would normally do
  • Everyone get the gaze only after you have 5 seconds left and 2 must jump out in position. Do this as fast as you can.
  • when the person assigned the Number 6 and has the gaze you will need to run around until gaze is gone
  • Continue with this strategy until golgoroth is defeated.

REWARD for Defeating Golgoroth:

310 and 320 legs, chest, arms and artifact and Emblem


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