Destiny House of Wolves Wanted Bounty Guide

Destiny House of Wolves Wanted Bounty will guide you on getting through all in the game.

Destiny House of Wolves wanted bounties will guide you on all the you will need to complete in the DLC as you progress through the different missions and quest that you need to advance in the game. Follow along the complete bounty guide below in which shows you how you will be able to advance and unlock the different type of rewards in the game.

Destiny House of Wanted Wolves complete Bounty complete list

Items Description
Wanted: Beltrik, the Veiled
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Beltrik, the Veiled in Ember Caves on Venus.
Wanted: Drevis, Wolf Baroness
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Drevis, Wolf Baroness near the Cosmodrome’s Forgotten Shore.
Wanted: Ether Runner
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Ether Runner near the Endless Steps on Venus.
Wanted: Grayor, Wolf Assassin
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Grayor, Wolf Assassin in the Cosmodrome’s Mothyards.
Wanted: Howling Raiders
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Howling Raiders in the Hall of Whispers on Venus.
Wanted: Kaliks-12
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Kaliks-12 in the Cosmodrome’s Skywatch.
Wanted: Mecher Orbiks-11
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Mecher Orbiks-11 near the Ishtar Cliffs on Venus.
Wanted: Peekis, the Disavowed
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Peekis, the Disavowed in the Citadel on Venus.
Wanted: Pirsis, Pallas-Bane
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Pirsis, Pallas-Bane in the Cosmodrome’s Divide.
Wanted: Queenbreaker Captain
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Queenbreaker Captain near the Cosmodrome’s Dock-13.
Wanted: Queenbreaker Vandals
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Queenbreaker Vandals in The Cinders on Venus.
Wanted: Repeater Shanks
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Repeater Shanks in the N/GEN Branch on Venus.
Wanted: Saviks, Queenbreaker
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Saviks, Queenbreaker in the Anchor of Light on the Moon.
Wanted: Silent Fang
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Silent Fang in the Cosmodrome’s Grottos.
Wanted: Skoriks, Archon-Slayer
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Skoriks, Archon-Slayer on the Moon
Wanted: Tracer Shanks
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Wanted Tracer Shanks in the Cosmodrome’s Breach.
Wanted: Twisted Claws
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Twisted Claws in The World’s Grave on the Moon.
Wanted: Veliniks, the Ravenous
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Veliniks, the Ravenous in the Hellmouth on the Moon.
Wanted: Weksis, The Meek
Wanted Bounty
Hunt Weksis, The Meek near Archer’s Line on the Moon.
Wanted: Wolf Enforcer
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Wolf Enforcer near the Blast in the Cosmodrome.
Wanted: Wolf High Servitor
Wanted Bounty
Hunt a Wanted High Servitor down in the Temple of Crota on the Moon.
Wanted: Wolf Scavengers
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Wolf Scavengers in the Halls of Wisdom on the Moon.
Wanted: Wolves’ Guard
Wanted Bounty
Hunt the Wanted Wolves’ Guard near Campus-9 on Venus.

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