Destiny Helium Filaments Locations Guide

In our next Destiny guide we will help you locate all the 50 Helium Filaments that are located around the moon. Our strategy guide will facilitate on how you can acquire them in the game (moon)

Helium Filaments

Found around the Moon, these will look like small piles of canisters with some glowing and shining yellow. Opening these “Helium Coils” will give you the Helium Filaments.

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All Helium Locations

What are Helium Filaments good for?

Helium Filaments are Planetary Materials like Spinmetals that you find on earth.

You can acquire Destiny Helium Filaments during patrol activities on each planet are ideal for exploring and gathering Materials. You can search the planet at your leisure, gathering raw Materials in the wild and looting chests to find more. Helium Filaments near buildings on the Moon.

Material Exchange: Exchange Helium Filaments for valuable Crucible Marks and Reputation.

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