Destiny: Fastest Way to Max out Vanguard Marks

Destiny: Fastest Way to Max out Vanguard Marks

Fastest way to Max out Vanguard Mark, see the list below in which you will need to follow and do it in Four Hours. Keep doing it and be consistent you will be able to complete it and get the rewards.

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How To Quickly Max Vanguard Marks

Location: Earth Exploration Mode, Patrol Missions and requires you to grind this with a full party. Of course, you can also do this solo, but you need to really high level to take on this.

Mothyards X:00/X:30 and Divide X:10-15/X:40-45
These two spawns on the Earth can easily be considered as the most common and you should keep an eye out them.

The Steppes X:15-25/X:45-55Forgotten Coast X:35-40, and Skywatch X00:05
These four spawns stated above are not very common and it’s all based on your luck.

Mothyards X:00
This is the best place to start the grind and you’re guaranteed to get the event. Following this, you can also go for X:10 The Divide event.

The Divide X:10
Although there are some chances that the Walker will not appear at the exact time, but it doesn’t hurt to get there on time.

The Steppes X:15-25
Once again, the possibility of this event depends upon your luck. Sometimes, you’ll get the event and sometime you won’t, but in any case, make sure to head over to Mothyards before X:27.

Mothyards X:30
Like the previous event, this one also occurs and not on fixed time. Sometimes, it will be early and sometimes it will be delayed. Make sure to check it out before time.

Forgotten Coast X:36
This one mostly doesn’t get delayed, but people have reported that sometimes it won’t appear at all. Make sure to stick around until X:39 and then move onto the Divide for X:40.

The Divide X:40-45
This is simply ‘Walker’. Complete it as soon as you can and then head over to the Steppes for the X:45.

The Steppes X:45-55
This one rarely spawns, but then again, it doesn’t hurt to try out, does it?

The idea here is to do it in four Hours to be able to max out all the items you pick up and go around to get it completed. discovered by ‘HeyItsMeJosh‘ from Reddit and lets you max out your vanguard marks within four hours.

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