Destiny Exotic Weapons and how to get them Guide

In this next guide we will show you how you can get some of Destiny Exotic Weapons and where you can go to get this awesome weapons and armor too.

One of the most simple ways is to go to Xur in the tower and buy exotic weapons. He is only in the tower during the weekends so to make sure you have 23 strange coins to be able to purchase exotic weapons from him.

One of the things that makes an Exotic weapon powerful and exciting is its Exotic mods. Exotics break some of the rules laid down here—you can find Exotic gear that has completely unique abilities.

How unique? How about a fully automatic hand cannon, or a sniper rifle that cloaks you while aiming? This is one of the reasons why you can only equip one Exotic weapon and piece of armor at a time! You can bend the rules, Guardian, but you cannot break them completely.

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List of Destiny Exotic Weapons

1. Bad Juju pulse rifle
2. Fate of All Fools scout rifle
3. Gjallarhorn rocket launcher
4. Hard Light auto rifle
5. Hawkmoon hand cannon (Timed Exclusive DLC for PS3 & PS4)
6. Invective shotgun
7. Monte Carlo auto rifle (Timed Exclusive DLC for PS3 & PS4)
8. Patience and Time sniper rifle
9. Plan C fusion rifle
10. Pocket Infinity fusion rifle
11. Red Death pulse rifle
12. Super Good Advice machine gun
13. Suros Regime auto rifle
14. The Last Word hand cannon
15. Thorn hand cannon
16. Thunderlord machine gun
17. Truth rocket launcher


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