Destiny Eris The Dark Below Missions Guide

Destiny Eris The Dark Below Missions Guide

When Destiny The Dark Below comes around there are a few things that are very crucial to know. One of them is what type of missions is Eris Morn bringing with her so we can help her in her quest to fighting the rise of Crota.

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Eris has 3 types of missions and the first mission is: The Dark below mission in which she seeks the help of the guardians in means to stop the rise of Crota. She has fear of recent activity in the moon which could lead to dangerous times.

Second mission: Siege of the Warmind in which you will find Rasputin’s Bunker, defend it against the attack of the hive.

Third mission: The Wakening – Go to the Temple of Crota and destroy Crota’s Soul.

The rewards that you will be getting for completing each of the missions are unknown as we will await from her various rewards which one could be received for completing them.

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