Destiny Earth Gold Loot Chests Locations

As you travel to earth you will need to find all the Destiny Earth Gold Chest locations. There are 5 gold chest that will need to be gathered to be able to use them for upgrading your weaponry and guardian. There are different type of loot items to be found in the game. Finding the Gold chests will provide you with different types of rewards as you find them. As we promised here at GamerFuzion, below you can find all the Destiny Earth Gold Loot Chests Locations in the game. Please share and comment!

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Destiny Earth Gold Loot Chests Locations

1. Dock 13 – starting from steppes, you will enter the building that takes you to Dock 13 and you will head into the next room. You will find the Gold Chest on top of a desk. Not hard to miss.

2. Forgotten Shore – The gold chests location is on the base of the forgotten shore cliff, which is by Terrestrial complex, you will see the gold chest right next to the water. You can just walk to to and is all yours.

3. Forgotten shore mothyards – As you enter the forgotten shores toward Mothyards and follow it as it curves left nd then back right. Turn to the right and side an you will see the beautiful water falling in front of a cave. Now there inside is your golden chest.

4.  Lunar complex – This golden chest is where you took down the hive wizard during the Dark within. Just jump onto the room and on the left and you will see the chest. not hard to miss.

5. Devil’s Lair – This gold chest can be found only through the Devil’s Lair Strike. Either during the fight with Sepiks prime or just after defeating it. search under the right platform.

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