Destiny Dreadnaught Key Locations Guide The Taken King

Destiny Dreadnaught Keys Locations Guide

In this guide you will find all Destiny Dreadnaught Keys Locations in this expansion in which you will need to locate all 9 keys that will help you open all the different chest. As there are 9 different keys there are also 9 chests that you will need to find and use the corresponding key for any of the 9 chests. If you are looking for the chests location, then take a look at our chests guide.

As you go deep into the Dreadnaught you will find yourself going against all the different type of enemies, from caval and against a new menace the Taken. Follow our complete Destiny Dreadnaught Keys Locations that will provide you with the different spots in the Dreadnaught where you can find them which would help you advance in the game and will guide you along to getting all completed in the Dreadnaught. For all your Destiny needs, take a look at our Destiny Hub Page.

Below find the Keys that can be found in the Dreadnaught:

  • Key of Akka (Consumable): Near the court but in a cave, along the road that maggots pave
  • Key of Eir (Consumable): Near the breach where foes invade, nestled with worms inside a cave
  • Key of Gnashing Teeth (Consumable): In the court and just below, where but the bravest dare to go
  • Key of Maggots (Consumable): In the Mausoleum find the key where maggots lurk blind
  • Key of Ur (Consumable): Near the breach but down below, where only heroes dare to go
  • Key of Wyrding (Consumable): Along the Mausoleum walk, towards the breach where invaders dock.
  • Key of Xol (Consumable): Not the breach, but on the path where lords and princes feed their wrath
  • Key of Yuul (Consumable): Near the court where debts are paid, on the ledge where faith is laid
  • Key of the Spawn (Consumable): In the Mausoleum, tween a path living have not seen.

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Scent is the Key Chest Location

Key of Eir Chest Location

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