Destiny Dead Ghosts Moon Locations Guide

Destiny Dead Ghosts Moon Locations can be found throughout the entire playthrough of the mission.

Destiny Dead Ghosts Moon Locations can be found throughout the entire playthrough of the game mission and once you collect them you will be rewarded or you can trade them in for items. Follow our complete Destiny Dead Ghosts Moon Locations to complete part of The Ghost Hunter Achievement and Trophy in which you have to collect 9 dead ghosts of 62 not 50 like originally.

The Ghost is a type of of levitating computer or artificial intelligence used by Guardians. The Ghost is the Guardian’s flying companion, accompanying the player everywhere and being capable of accessing Golden Age technology. The Ghost also has a NAV mode, which when activated will locate beacons and receive missions from the Tower.

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Moon Dead Ghosts Locations

Number Area Hint
1 Archer’s Line Acceleration.
2 Archer’s Line “Crack beyond the dome. “
3 Anchor of Light Climb the girder.
4 Temple of Crota You gotta go down, to get back up.
5 Hellmouth Explore our past.
6 Circle of Bones Complete the circle.
7 Gatehouse Look to the depths.
8 Hall of Wisdom Edge of the abyss.
9 Shrine of Oryx Deep within, upon the bones.

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