Destiny Darkblade new boss from The Taken King Strike Mission

Destiny Darkblade new boss from The Taken King Strike Mission

We have here new information about The Taken King and a new boss called Darkblade who you will be facing off in the Strike Mission aboard Dreadnaught a new place where you will find lots of loot, enemies and many places to explore.

The Darkblade along with many other Hive abominations are waiting for you on board the Dreadnaught. Oryx has built an army for them to lead, bristling with combatants that were taken from our world, twisted by the Darkness, and sent back to prevent you from looting their fortress.

Ben from Bungie gaves us an inside of what we should be expecting from The Take King. One of the mentions was the many hidden bosses in the expansion in Dreadnaught.

The Dreadnaught has its secrets—you’ll need to return again and again to solve them all and acquire the rewards we created for doing so. There are hidden treasures and bosses waiting to be found, and it won’t be apparent how to access them the first time you go exploring. We’ve laid out a lot of breadcrumb trails though, as you fight your way through the ship. So follow the clues you’re given, face the challenges you can find, and earn that sweet loot!

DarkBlade Axe Weapon Darkblade Boss


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