Destiny The Dark Below Raid Armor Guide

Destiny The Dark Below Raid Armor Guide

Below find the Destiny The Dark below Raid Armor in which you can earn during the Crota’s End and each of the guardians (Hunter, Titan and Warlock have their perspective armor type(Helmets, Chests, Gauntlets, boots). Each one that you acquire after completing parts of the raid increase your light level and get you closer to the cap level that is 32. See the list below of all the different parts of the armor and defense level and increase of light.

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Destiny The Dark Below Raid Armor

Crota’s End Hunter Titan Warlock
Helmets Unyielding Casque Willbreaker’s Watch Deathsinger’s Gaze
Chests Relentless Harness Willbreaker’s Resolve Deathsinger’s Mantle
Gauntlets Dogged Gage Willbreaker’s Fists Deathsinger’s Grip
Boots Tireless Striders Willbreaker’s Greaves Deathsinger’s Herald

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