Destiny The Dark Below Eyes of Crota Quest Guide

Destiny The Dark Below Eyes of Crota Quest Guide

Destiny The Dark Below Eyes of Crota Quest Guide will help you to Complete it with the best in game strategy guide along with tips and tricks on what weapons to use, armor to wear and how to approach the enemy. Completing Destiny The Dark Below Eyes of Crota Quest will reward you with what Eris has either a weapon, armor or anything else that she may have in her inventory. With each completion of the Quests you will find out at the end what she will tell you when you have completed. Follow our complete Fist of Crota Quest walkthrough to get the best strategy.

Patrol the Terrestrial Complex in the Cosmodrome. Steal the Servant’s treasure and lure out his masters. To get to the Dark Below Eyes of Crota you will continue through the Lunar Complex, entering Skywatch. You’ll want to travel through the building in the distance until you reach the Terrestrial Complex. Go through until you reach open air, where you’ll see a kneeling Acolyte in front of an urn. Steal the treasure, and kill off the three golden Acoyltes that spawn, the Eyes of Crota. When they’re gone, the bounty’s complete.

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