Destiny Campaign and Leveling beyond 25 Guide

Destiny Campaign and Leveling beyond 25 Guide will help you to move up in ranking and know what you will need to accomplish to get there. Follow the complete Campaign and leveling up guide beyond level 25 to get a outlook of what takes to get there.

Destiny Campaign and Leveling beyond 25 Guide

Stage 1 – Campaign and Leveling to 20

Story – This was a slow transition from “omg look at this world!” to “wait… what?” It just didn’t feel like a traditional story arc. Much was left hanging and I’d not yet delved into the Grimoire. I could see that they were laying the foundation for things to come, but it felt unfulfilling to finish that final mission.

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Gameplay – Wow. This is the time I was getting my sea legs. Slowly, the controller sensitivity would creep higher. Some enemies have weak points? Badass. Whoa… it’s not always the head… that’s pretty cool. Shields are pretty straightforward, but you don’t always have the right element onhand.

Gametime – Mostly Campaign, a little patrol, and then Strikes on regular difficulty while I learned them all. Patrols were mostly used just to knock out the bounties available for the day.

Stage 2 – Level 20-24

Story – Okay… now I’m starting to put some things together, but it’s still hazy. As the Grimoire gets filled in, I’m learning more about each race. Their respective philosophies even bleed over into their weaponry. Even some of the patrol missions make more sense now. It didn’t originally click that the “docking caps” you get from Dregs are the equipment placed on the stumps where their second set of arms was docked. Whoa.

Gameplay – Damn, cover is important. There’s far more situational awareness necessary now. If you get tunnel vision, you won’t realize that you’re standing in plain view of those snipers over there. Or that boss might vaporize you with a glance while you’re working on a Wizard. At this point, I’ve got a collection of weapons and try to be prepared with each element to burn through shields. Gear with Light has become a priority in order to try and push my level higher to prep for the raid.

Gametime – Hitting the queue for higher-level Strikes is a lot of fun, especially with a couple friends. With a competent team, they’re quick and you stand a chance of getting some good loot. Then… there’s the farming. This is the point where I started hitting the Treasure Cave™ out of necessity, trying anyway I could to get out of that blue gear (or even upgrade it all to level 20). Bounties have a purpose now, as I’m actively working on reputations in order to purchase some Legendary gear.

Stage 3 – Level 25+

Story – Okay… by now I’m devouring every Grimoire entry and the world is badass. The myriad possibilities intrigue me. Plus… it looks like the Awoken Queen isn’t going to be paid DLC, but something that’s in the very near future? Huh… so maybe they do plan to carefully curate this world and extend the story in between expansions? At this point I’m viewing the campaign as the tutorial. It’s the introduction to this world. I’m hooked.

Gameplay – Cover is crucial. Weapon loadouts are selected prior to strikes and I’m doing everything I can to be a Guardian Batman. I want a tool for every situation onhand. Now, I’m getting into synergies. Oh my, the synergiesCharacter builds enhanced by exotic gear which reinforces certain builds which in turn make certain gear stats desireable. This is where things get interesting.

By this point, I know the tricks of the trade. The Strikes are still fun, mostly because we know what we’re doing. The bosses are still bullet sponges, but we know the mechanics well enough to make short work of them. The trash mobs leading up to them have enough yellow-health guys that it’s a challenge and keeps you on your toes.

Gametime – Farming has mostly gone the way of the dodo. The Treasure Cave™ simply doesn’t have enough there for me. Besides that, I’ve got other things I need to do. An exotic bounty meant I needed to hammer out 25 strikes. I also got my FWC and Vanguard reps to level 2 so I could cash in some marks. Then the bounty took me into the Crucible (which I’d barely touched) to earn 10k points. I stuck around after the points were done to get enough Crucible marks to purchase a piece of FWC gear. This upcoming weekly reset, I’ll need to get my last piece of Legendary gear. We’re hitting the Vault of Glass after the reset. I’ve already done a lot in the game. Somehow it feels like I’ve still got more to do. I know that’s not the reality, but it feels that way.

Thank you to ZarathustraEck from Reddit

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