Destiny Age of Triumph King’s Fall Golgoroth and Oryx Challenge Guide

The Destiny Age of Triumph King’s Fall Golgoroth and Oryx Challenge will guide you on completing each

Destiny age of triumph King’s Fall Golgoroth challenge and Oryx Challenge strategy guide will help you complete it and you will be rewarded with 400 light Gear and weapons once you defeat each of them. Both the Golgoroth challenge and Oryx challenges are set at 390 light and they each will have different mechanics that will give you a challenge to solve and defeat each.

In the King’s Fall Golgoroth and Oryx Challenge for Age of Triumph we will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you complete each. Now it also depends how long it will take you to complete it by how skillful your fireteam is and the different weapons that you currently own that can land good dps against Golgoroth and Oryx. As we complete the challenges will provide you below with how to defeat each of them.


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