In this guide will be showing you in Destiny age of Triumph how to complete the vault of glass challenge. The vault of glass was the original Destiny raid that came with it when the game was released and up to today is the most fun raid due to that it has a lot to explore and various stages that you will need to complete. Once you reach atheon you will need to complete steps as a team. The challenge can be completed but depends on the experience of your team how long it will take to complete. Find out how to get the Vex Mythoclast. VOG Walkthrough and VOG Strategy Guide, Atheon Challenge, Templar Challenge.

Destiny Age of Triumph How to Complete Vault of Glass Challenge

Here are some tips on completing the vog challenge:

  • Stay alive
  • Atheon will spawn exploding Supplicants
  • Don’t get blown up and to make sure that the gates get opened
  • Stay high and out of the reach of the supplicants
  • When the gate opens make sure to take out Supplicants


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