Destiny 2 Release Date and WHen is the Beta Releasing

Huge leaked today with Destiny 2 posters that are pointing out to a Destiny 2 release date of September 12, 2017 which is around the same time when Destiny 1 was released. Now Destiny 2 is going to be a brand new game and you will not be able to take any thing from Destiny 1 besides your character. So the big question now is!

When does Destiny 2 Beta release date?

Glad you are thinking about the beta because if knowing how Activision and Bungie work and that they usually follow strict dates in the past when they have released any expansion I would say that Destiny 2 Beta release date will be out on July 18th or around that date. I could be wrong about the Destiny 2 beta release date but I am so positive that is on July.

I leave you more about Destiny 2 and with GFLaserBolt talking about whats to come:

Let me know when do you think that Destiny 2 beta will be out?

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